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A few words by Pierre Kopff, CEO


Has ever the competition among automotive makers been as fierce as seen today?

Sure is the fact that the development of autonomous driving capabilities for trucks and cars has become a big deal for a large number of stakeholders. Testing is a key factor as far as safety and reliability are concerned.

Other fields are equally under pressure for better efficiency and faster speed of development process. For instance, design in general or innovative lighting functions are asked to participate to the trend of less hardware prototyping and acceleration of the time leading to product maturity.

OCTEC, through the mission of reproducing indoor any environment condition prevailing outdoor, especially for natural or artificial light, is directly involved in the evolution of industries like automotive industry.

Myself, I am dedicated to apply what I have learned here in Japan about quality of hardware production, crossing this with fundamentals about light or simulation.

The support we bring to our clients is not limited to product delivery. Indeed, we are going on forwarding engineering and consulting services. They have for a long time been one of the roots of the confidence shown by our clients towards our team.

Pierre Kopff, CEO

Key members

Pierre Kopff
Pierre Kopff, CEO
After graduating from ENTPE as a French civil servant, Pierre Kopff has got a MS from Tokyo University in the field of traffic engineering. He has been deeply involved in the design and construction of Kansai International Airport, being at origin of the participation of Paris Airport Authority (ADP) to this big project. In 1995, he founded the office for Japan of SETEC, a major French independent engineering company, being the first foreign company registered as a construction consultant. Numerous contracts during 10 years have been successfully performed related to most important road projects in Japan and application of virtual reality. In 2002, Pierre has founded what has become today OCTEC.

Hiroyuki Tokushige
Hiroyuki Tokushige, Chief of Product Development
Hiroyuki has obtained a MS of University of Tokyo in the field of intelligent machinery. His domains of special interest include optics and human vision. Hiroyuki joined OCTEC after a first experience related to a major automotive maker. He takes care to build a global vision of the products. Nevertheless, he doesn’t allow any concession when components are concerned. He also develops regular exchanges with engineers and researchers outside of Japan.


KK OCTEC, a company established under Japanese law

Address HYATS2822 B1F
2-8-22 Nakane Meguro-ku Tokyo, 152-0031, Japan
CEO Pierre Kopff
Capital 30 M JPY
Tel +81-(0)3-3723-9701
Fax +81-(0)3-3723-9703

OCTEC through some milestones

Creation (Oktal japon founded 50/50 with Oktal SAS)
Local control of 100% of capital
Delivery of first simulators in Japan for dynamic assessment of automotive lighting
First participation to JSAE exhibition, annual participation since then
Change of company name
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