High & Accurate Luminance on Display

Size of image: from 30 to 100 inches
Scope of display luminance: till a maximum of 300 000 cd/m2


HALDiS® is a display system of images (possibly video) showing real luminance as observed outside. Maximum value of displayed luminance is 300 000 cd/m2 (world record). The display shows luminance and color at same value compared to input data (HALDiS® proper HDR format). Source of data may be either site measurement (o-T-Record) or validated simulation (o-T-Sim).

It means that, contrary to other monitors, the displayed luminance doesn’t follow a relative function (tone mapping) but is shown as such, in absolute value.

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Application case #1
Indoor full testing of vehicle camera

Autonomous driving function test with dynamic display of a driving scene including the reproduction of real luminance (scale 1 values of luminance (brightness) observed outdoor)

A camera, set in a vehicle or independent, placed in front of HALDiS® will see the world, road, traffic, pedestrians, objects, etc, exactly the same way as if it was running on a real road.

Cost and constraint attached to real road testing are avoided. Furthermore, because no safety risks appear in laboratory, tests at safety limits may be undertaken without restriction.

Based on reproducing identical environment conditions, objective comparison of detection algorithms and command strategies becomes possible. An fully automatized operation of HALDiS®, 24 hours a day, allows maximum output.

Application case #2
Visibility test of HUD

Display of scenes causing glare

Due to the new possibility to display in laboratory exterior scenes with real level of luminance, including parts in the scene causing glare to the observer, whoever, human or camera, it become possible to test functions related to visibility and comfort behind a transparent glass sheet, automotive windshield or office building window panel.

A practical application is the test of HUD visibility. Visibility may be hindered by high level of glare, related to direct sunlight or reflection over a wet surface. An adequate testing setup will lead to direct and “scale 1” visibility check and measurement. Scenes with high contrast level may also be tested easily, such as tunnel entrance and exit.

Application case #3
Design review

Case of body or light emissive part

Design review of either body or light emissive part for any industrial product, for instance car / truck body or lamp block (front or rear).

Viewing the design at real values of brightness (luminance), allows full assessment and drastic reduction of the necessity to build physical prototype.

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